Santa Mail Treat Box

Hi there,

When I posted yesterday, I left something out. At all the Extravaganzas that I have taught, I always have a little treat box of some sort for all my lovely ladies that attend. This is my way of saying thank you to them for coming and also to make sure that they have some sugar to keep them going for the full on day of fun!   🙂

Here’s what I made for them this time…

Santa Mail Treat Box

This design was CASEd from a US Demo – Erica Cerwin. I made the big one (according to Erica’s measurements) initially and realised it was too big and would take up too much room. So I played around with the measurements and came up with the smaller version, which I thought was just perfect!

Santa Mail Treat Box side view

This is the side view to show you how I decorated it. My ladies thought they were cute too! I told them that the idea was to have them filled with sweet treats for the day. Then, they could have it filled with children’s messages/letters to Santa after the treats were gone.

I hope you enjoyed this cute little old school mailbox. You can find the supplies I used in the table below.

Do leave me comments about your thoughts on it! I love hearing from my readers!

Until next time, happy stamping!

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